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We care about creating safe and quality jewelry for children of all ages and adults, and that is why Simply Whispers works closely with dermatologists, pediatricians and our design team to create a safe and hypoallergenic line of beautiful jewelry our customers can trust. We focus on extensive research and development to guarantee the highest quality base materials using 316 stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, titanium, 14 karat gold and niobium, to create stylish and safe jewelry our customers can wear with confidence.

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Classic jewelry containing nickel can cause various allergic reactions such as: unpleasant itchy skin, rashes, redness, or even blisters. Medical professionals report a steady increase in nickel allergy reactions during the last few decades. Presently, almost 40% of the USA population struggles with contact dermatitis caused by nickel.

Nickel is used not only in jewelry, it’s everywhere, our watches, belts, gadgets, and cutlery, and our bodies have had enough. Nickel free jewelry is not only for those who are allergic but for everyone interested in preventing nickel allergy from occurring, especially children.

Hypoallergenic jewelry is fashionable, stylish, and beautiful. Simply Whispers offers the purest, safest, and most innovative hypoallergenic jewelry, you can rely on every day. With competitive prices and stylish designs, Simply Whispers is the best place to buy nickel free jewelry for yourself, children, and loved ones, because beauty starts with healthy skin.

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