Niobium Earrings

Why Choose Niobium Earrings

If you haven't heard about niobium earrings yet, now is the time to discover what you have been missing. Find out what niobium is, where it comes from, and why there is a growing demand for niobium earrings and jewelry. 

Here is some key information about niobium and why it's time to add at least one new pair of niobium earrings to your collection.

Why are niobium earrings gaining popularity?

Niobium - the power of nature

Niobium Simply Whispers

Niobium is a great novelty in the world of jewelry production.

Although it is an extremely hard material, its great advantage is that it is resistant to corrosion like titanium but less expensive. Niobium comes from nature in its purest form. This means that when making your earrings, we do not mix niobium with other metals in order to improve its color or other characteristics. It comes to us as perfect as nature created.

Hypoallergenic and extremely lightweight

Extremely lightweight, but yet so durable, hypoallergenic properties
of Niobium Earrings are a perfect choice for those with sensitive ears.

Statistics show that allergies are an increasingly frequent problem we are facing and that the possibility of allergies should always be your concern. That is why it is important to know that niobium is an extremely anti-allergic material. Niobium was first used for manufacturing of implants and artificial hips, so using it to make jewelry was a logical choice.

When you are chose your niobium earrings from our earrings collection, you are selecting the highest quality nickel free earrings that will please your skin and won’t cause allergies.

Niobium Jewelry is easy to take care of

Niobium Earrings and Jewelry

If you are struggling to keep your jewelry looking new, if you are spending too much time polishing your earrings and trying to restore that original glow, then niobium earrings and jewelry is the right jewelry for you. Niobium earrings and jewelry always look new.

Niobium appearance and color never changes, it does not corrode, and you will never have any problems with keeping your earrings and jewelry looking new.

To keep its gray and white shine, you only need a piece of cloth, water and soap.

Niobium Earrings and Environmental Sustainability

The niobium we use to make jewelry is shipped from African mines in Congo, but researches show that niobium sites exist in Brazil and Canada. Experts predict that our planet has sufficient quantities of this metal for the next five centuries.

Niobe's tears

Niobes Tears

Niobium is named after the famous Niobe, the daughter of King Tantalus from Greek mythology. Legend says that Niobe boasted about giving birth to more children than the goddess Leto, who had only Apollo and Artemis. Her vanity was punished by killing all her children and leaving her, turned to stone, to shed tears forever.

Niobium was given its name because it’s almost always found alongside tantalum, a chemical element named after Niobe's father. In nature, they are inseparable.

What are you wearing this spring?

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Our niobium earrings collection created of niobium and semi-precious stones is ready for display. If you don't already have your own pair made of this great, anti-allergic metal, it's time to browse our collection and pick a pair of highest quality nickel free earrings.

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