Sheila Guyse

Gold plated heart and mini cubic zirconia stud earrings

Our heart-shaped gold plated stud earrings are your new dose of glitter and glamour.

We all know that it is not always so easy. We encounter obstacles and sometimes life can be difficult. When that is the case - all we can do is put on our favorite dress, add a perfect piece of jewelry, smile and do our best. That's how Sheila Guyse lived.

The world gave her only a few limited opportunities, and yet she managed to achieve great fame. She is one of the great, wonderful African-Americans who broke through racial barriers. Despite illness, family obligations, financial problems and professional disappointments, we still remember her as a glamorous singer and movie star. She taught us that we can do anything if we put our mind to it.

These gold plated stud earrings are as bright as her smile, amazing, and luxurious as her voice. They bring maximum sparkle to your outfit. They are hypoallergenic, special, and everyone will notice their beauty. They set you apart and personalize your style. Beautiful and brilliant, these earrings add a little glitter and glow to any look. Order them now and let them remind you to never give up.

Metal: gold plated
Size: 4 mm
Height: 3/8 inch
Width: 3/8 inch

Item number: 68147

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