Magical Santorini

Let this summer party lasts as long as you want. Embrace the last moments of summer, feel great and look amazing.

We take you to Santorini - a place of stunning beauty, fascinating stories and endless inspiration. Let’s go to the perfect vacation on this magical island with our tropical inspired collection of hypoallergenic jewelry.

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Earrings you can trust

Ancient City

Gold Plated Half Twist Hoop Earrings


Magic Eyes

Gold Plated 5 mm March Birthstone Stud Earrings


Starfish Dance

Gold Plated Flower Joint And Catch Hoop Earrings


Morning Kiss

Gold Plated blue shell French hook earrings


Forgotten Princess

Gold Plated 24 Inch Thin Rope Chain Necklace

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Mythical & Unique

This summer collection is inspired by ancient stories, legends and extraordinary views of Santorini.

We bring you the experience of love, pleasure and unique moments on a magical island where anything is possible.

With long-hidden secrets, old stories and new experiences, this collection is here to make this summer different and memorable.

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Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Earrings that tells a story

Gold plated pearls and shell earrings in this collection tells a story about a beautiful island, full of romance and ancient tales.

Earrings and necklaces from our Santorini collection are hypoallergenic and designed to stand out with simplicity and classic style.

Jewelry that makes a difference

Gorgeous, chic and original, this collection is here to help you make an impact on any occasion.

Choose our summer inspired jewelry any time you need to feel like you are on a breathtaking tropical island.

It is a story about your dreams and desires you’ll never forget.

Magical Santorini

Blooming Bougainvillea

Gold plated open diamond French hook earrings


Secret of Atlantis

Gold Plated 5 mm September Birthstone Stud Earrings


Hidden Treasure

Gold Plated 12 mm Pearls Big Hoop Earrings


Pure Pleasure

Gold plated diamond and blue shell French hook earrings


Grain of Truth

Gold Plated 6 mm Bead Medium Hoop Earrings

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Create a story of your own

It is always about what matters most in life. Start your new summer experiences with jewelry inspired by the magical stories of one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Go explore, discover and create new memories while wearing our tropical inspired collection.

Browse our late summer party collection, find the perfect piece of jewelry and start creating a story of your own.

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Simply Whispers Inc Simply Whispers Inc

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