Magical Maldives

Let’s talk about long summer nights that will never be forgotten. Imagine yourself on a vacation of a lifetime – sunny days, cool ocean breeze, and our beautifully designed jewelry to match your summer style.

We bring you the magical nights of Maldives - an  island of love, mermaids, and tropical beauty. Browse our sterling silver Maldives collection and find your favorite piece to match your unforgettable summer.

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Sterling Silver Charm

Coconut Scent

Silver Plated 16 inch With 8 mm Crystal Triangle Pendant Necklace


Sea Jewel

Sterling silver purple cubic zirconia french hook earrings


Summer Sky

Sterling Silver 8 & 10 mm Beads With Dyed Turquoise Riverstone Necklace


Shallow Water

Sterling Silver Earrings With Dyed Turquoise Riverstone


Silver Dream

Sterling Silver 8 mm Ball French Hook Earrings

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Simply Whispers Inc Simply Whispers Inc

Made for summer

Our fabulous jewelry is inspired by the colors of summer and the tropical vibes of Maldives. The Arabian Sea, the salty air, and coconut shells bring all the inspiration to this beautiful collection.

Inspired by the beauty of summer vacations, the magic of Maldives, and long summer days, this collection is the best choice to find your everyday summer style.

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Simply Whispers Inc Simply Whispers Inc

Tropical vibes at your fingertips

When you need a vacation

Add something fun and gorgeous to your summer look with these charming, cute, and comfortable earrings and necklaces.

Sterling silver, blue gemstones and zirconia, give you summer vibes and make you feel relaxed and at ease, as if you are always on vacation.

Jewelry you can truly enjoy

Carefully crafted, allergy-free and comfortable, our jewelry is both safe and fun to wear.

With this summer collection, feel inspired with long summer nights, the ocean breeze, and the beauty of Maldives.

Ocean Style Jewelry

Deep Ocean

Sterling silver lapis heishe leverback earrings


Ocean Drops

Sterling silver blue lapis french hook earrings


Blue Crystal Silver Earrings

Sterling silver demin blue briolette leverback earrings


Tender Soul

Sterling silver cubic zirconia ear jacket earrings


Heart Mirror

Sterling Silver 5.5 mm Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace

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Create your own vacation whenever you want

Comfortable, unique and exquisite, this summer-style jewelry brings delight and fun wherever you go. Ideal even for sensitive skin, durable and full of brilliance, our magical Maldives collection is here to inspire and make you feel like you are on a tropical island.

Browse our Maldives collection and find your perfect summer style.

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Simply Whispers Inc Simply Whispers Inc
Simply Whispers Inc Simply Whispers Inc

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