Casablanca Vintage Collection

Elegance is timeless and never fades. Our Casablanca collection brings you even more beautiful jewelry inspired by old Hollywood glamour.

Luxurious, captivating, and feminine, this jewelry is your little piece of old Hollywood magic.

Browse our new Casablanca collection and choose your new favorite set of earrings, bracelet or necklace.

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Glamour Jewelry

Ingrid Bergman

Silver plated knot crystal stud earrings


Jean Peters

Stainless Steel 5 mm Ball Stud Earrings


Francine Everett

Silver plated crystal semi hoop stud earrings

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Beauty that lasts forever

Our bracelets, necklaces and earrings are inspired by Hollywood beauties who will never be forgotten. They showed us that elegance and glamour is always in style.

So add timeless and classic beauty to your look whenever you’re in the mood. Be graceful, seductive, and irresistibly beautiful with our Casablanca Vintage jewelry collection.

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Designed with love

Elegance and joy

The Casablanca collection features fabulous silver and gold jewelry inspired by Hollywood beauties. Every piece of this collection is timeless and full of glamour.

Comfortable, hypoallergenic, carefully designed and beautiful, this collection brings elegance and joy to your everyday look.

Perfect for everything you need

Our jewelry from this collection is universal and can be the perfect match for any style and look.

In the evening or during the day - you can wear it on any occasion. Classy and elegant, our Casablanca jewelry collection is modern, original, and comfortable.

Timeless Pieces

Hazel Scott

Sterling silver 8 mm beads bracelet


Silver plated paved heart french hook earrings

Josephine Baker

Gold plated 16 inch cubic zirconia heart pendant necklace


Diana Dors

Gold plated cubic zirconia heart hoop earrings


Andrea Palma

Sterling silver teadrop french hook earrings

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You can always be gorgeous

With a collection inspired by beautiful women like Gina Lollobrigida, Ingrid Bergman, Ginger Rogers and many others, you can always be beautiful, elegant and irresistible.

Forever beautiful, these women have set the standards for feminine elegance. They showed us that it’s never too late to get in touch with your glamorous style and wear it with confidence and poise.

Browse our new Casablanca collection and find your forever jewelry.

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Simply Whispers Inc Simply Whispers Inc

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