Donna Reed

Gold plated drop cubic zirconia earrings

It’s time to bring new life to a classic with these gold plated drop cubic zirconia earrings.

Our choice for this earrings? Beautiful Hollywood Sweetheart – the charming and lovely Donna Reed.

This amazing woman has made herself an icon. She was a beautiful, seductive, and a TV star who everyone loved. She played a strong woman who can do everything a man can. She had the best recipe for Bundt cake, she was a dedicated mother, she was involved with blood donations, she became a peace activist, and she even milked a cow on the set of "It's a Wonderful Life" to win a bet. She was the woman who was always at her best!

Today, she’s an inspiration and role model for 21st century women. She reminds us that we can do anything a man can. That's why these gold plated drop earrings as a sign of classic beauty. They are glitzy and timelessly beautiful. Gold plated, allergy free, with a cubic zirconia, these eaarings will go great with your confidence and help you break the rules just like Donna Reed. Be successful at work, at home, fight for what you believe in - whatever you choose, be great at it. Order them now and show everyone that you are fierce and unstoppable.

Metal: gold plated
Height: 5/16 inch
Width: 1/8 inch

Item number: 68146

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