Betty Stafford, South Boston, MA

"I HAVE BEEN WEARING YOUR EARRINGS now for years. I also got them for my 18-year-old granddaughter, plus a 5-year-old granddaughter, plus my one daughter. I cannot wear anything else!"

Carolyn Ryan, Troy, PA

"WHETHER YOU ARE DRESSING AS a professional or going to the grocery store or dressing for a special occasion, jewelry adds a finishing touch. For many years I either went without earrings or suffered through awful reactions. I tried fingernail polish, plastic covers and tape on the backs and posts of earrings I bought. Even those marked 'hypoallergenic' did not work. Finally, I bought Simply Whispers. Simply Whispers are the only kind I wear, and even friends who do not have metal allergies have started buying them, too. Thank you for developing this product."

Cindy Bartlett, Grafton, MA

"FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE (and my ears were pierced 20 years ago) I can wear earrings and not have my ears become irritated. A skeptic by nature, I was overjoyed to find a product that actually lived up to its claim. I have introduced Simply Whispers to my mother, sister, and friends. We'll continue to purchase your wonderful product. Thank you!"

Dara Lyon Neufeldt, Kalamazoo, MI

"I CAN WEAR 10-KARAT or better yellow gold, but gold prices are far higher than they were 20 years ago! When I discovered Simply Whispers, it was like a dream come true! At last, an affordable variety of styles, with no discomfort and no ear infection!"

Deborah J. Pendergrass, Garland, TX

"THIS MONTH I TURNED 40 YEARS OLD and for the past five years I have been delighted with Simply Whispers. Ever since I was 18 years old, I could not tolerate any jewelry. I would always experience such discomfort that I gave up wearing any style of earrings or necklaces. But, when I read your ad in a magazine, I thought it would be worth a try, and I'm so glad I did. Now, I can wear any style like anyone else and not experience any discomfort at all. Again, I would like to thank you for providing jewelry that is comfortable, stylish, and fun to wear. Your jewelry is wonderful! With my lifestyle of work, family, church and school, there are styles that fit each occasion and no more irritation!"

Debra A. Thedford, Wallace, WV

"SIMPLY WHISPERS ARE SO WONDERFULLY comfortable I forget I have them on! Thank you for giving me back the fun world of worry-free fashion!!"

Jan Puhl, Pittsburgh, PA

"I AM SO HAPPY that I can finally, after 12 years, wear earrings in comfort once again. I was allergic to even the most expensive earrings. I could not wear them even for ten minutes without having terrible difficulty. I can honestly say that wearing Simply Whispers, I can have them on as long as I want without the discomfort I felt before. I will encourage anyone I know who has the same problem I had to give Simply Whispers a try."

Jane Matthews, Scranton, PA

"I WANT TO SAY "THANK YOU" for these marvelous earrings. I have spent so much on earrings only to say OUCH!! I've worn the Roman Research earrings almost every day and my ears don't hurt or itch any more! Thank you again for giving me this marvelous gift!"

Janice W Woolley, M.D., Mercer Island, WA

"AFTER YEARS OF STRUGGLING WITH ALLERGIC REACTIONS to other earrings, it has been wonderful to know I can order any style and it will not cause a reaction. I recommend your earrings to my allergic patients."

Joann Culpepper, Warner Robins, GA

"I'VE HAD EARRING TROUBLE ALL MY LIFE but no more! I really didn't believe your ad-then I tried your product and am now the proud owner of four pairs of Simply Whispers! I gave all my old earrings to Goodwill! Thanks for making your product available!"

Joy Clark, Casper, WY

"I LIKE WEARING Simply Whispers earrings because they are so light-you hardly know you have them on! And the metal ones are so shiny, which catches people's eyes and makes them notice the earrings and me! I like being able to have both comfort and elegance in one pair of earrings."

Joyce Shanahan, Joplin, MO

"I AM FINALLY ENJOYING WEARING EARRINGS, and I thank you for a super product-: no pain, no allergy, no irritation, and a great selection of styles and colors."

June Roth, Star City, IN

“I have had my ears pierced since I was 16 years old and I suffered with swollen, red, infected earlobes for years, until I stumbled upon Simply Whispers earrings. I thought to myself when I ordered my first pair, “OK, these will be like all the other hypo-allergenic earrings I have tried, and they won’t work either.” Was I wrong !!! For the first time in my life, I could actually wear earrings with no itching or redness. I am now 52 years old and have enjoyed wearing your earrings for many years. Thank you Simply Whispers for simplifying my life !!!! “

Karen Browne, White Oak, PA

"MY MOTHER AND I have suffered for the past 15 years with contact dermatitis. Only when we discovered Simply Whispers did we find relief! We have been so happy with Simply Whispers that I've even put away my good diamond and sapphire studs because they bother my sensitive ears."

Kathi Tomecko, R.N., Miami, FL

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR JEWELRY. I have a very extreme nickel allergy, and all these years I have had problems even with some 14k gold and sterling silver. I can now wear beautiful, contemporary earrings with absolutely no allergy problems. I wish I had discovered Simply Whispers years ago!'

Kathleen Sharpe, Baltimore, MD

"SIMPLY WHISPERS ARE SIMPLY WONDERFUL! As a part-time model, I insist on wearing Simply Whispers whenever I can. They are beautiful and fashionable so that I can wear them at a photo shoot or anywhere. Most of all, they are exceptionally comfortable on my sensitive ears!"

Linda Brooks, Henderson, NV

"I JUST HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW VERY PLEASED I am with your products! They do not irritate or burn or itch the ears and are such a pleasure to wear. I have experienced itching and irritation with other earrings claiming to be hypoallergenic, but yours really live up to everything you say! The styles are just beautiful and stylish. Thank you for creating jewelry for sensitive people like me. I tell everyone about your earrings!"

Linda Cosminski, Meriden, CT

"BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR EARRINGS, I would wear a pair of earrings for one day, then I would not be able to wear earrings for at least 3 days, until my ears healed. With Simply Whispers, I can wear them every day, all day, without any irritation at all. Thank you for such wonderful earrings."

Patricia Reardon, Wolfeboro Falls, NH

"I HAD MY EARS PIERCED WHEN I WAS 15, and tried for two years, to no avail, to find earrings that did not irritate. Then a friend let me borrow her Simply Whispers to try. After 23 years of no earrings and a week later of Simply Whispers in my "non-irritated" ears, I am a true believer!"

Peg Duronio, Pittsburg, PA

"I AM A GRATEFUL, SATISFIED WEARER of Simply Whispers earrings. A year or so ago an acquaintance told me about them and for the first time in over 30 years of having pierced ears, I have more pairs of earrings than I know what to do with. I was skeptical at first because my metal allergy is severe, but I am thoroughly delighted with Simply Whispers. I wear them night and day and have never had a reaction."

Van Fontana, Mastic Beach, NY

"LET ME SAY THANK YOU for finally putting out earrings we can wear. Neither my sister nor I have been wearing earrings for a while because of our sensitive ears. But now we can. I'm especially happy because I love to wear many earrings at once. I presently have five holes in my ears but will soon have eight. Simply Whispers are so light and comfortable I don't even know I'm wearing anything at all. The styles are beautiful and the prices! They're terrific. You will be getting my business from now on!"

     Simply Whispers, simply you!


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