Whispers Safe For Nickel-Sensitive Women


1. Eight women with strongly positive patch-test reactions to nickel sulfate 2.5% in petrolatum and a history of acquiring allergic contact dermatitis from the wearing of earrings that had given a positive dimethylglyoxime test for nickel were given Whispers earrings to wear.

2. These eight individuals wore Whispers earrings for at least two months continuously. Five wore them in the New York City area and three wore them in Florida to ascertain whether perspiration or heat would have any deleterious effect, such as leaching out any irritant or sensitizing chemicals.

3. None of these eight nickel-sensitive individuals who had previously acquired dermatitis from other types of earrings suffered any discomfort or dermatitis from wearing Whispers earrings.


Whispers earrings can be safely worn by nickel-sensitive individuals who do not tolerate other types of earrings, particularly those that gave a positive reaction to dimethylglyoxime.

A.A. Fisher, M.D.

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