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Simply Whispers fashion earrings use surgical stainless steel and 24 kt, pure gold electroplating to completely eliminate skin contact with nickel. The Perfections line incorporates nickel-free and allergy-safe jewelry made with a hypoallergenic base and electroplated with 24kt. gold or 24 kt palladium - a precious metal similar to platinum. The Ultra Whispers line of fine 14kt. solid gold and sterling silver jewelry is made without any allergy-provoking metals that can cause irritations, rashes and discomfort.

Most allergic reactions from earrings and other fashion jewelry stem from nickel which is used to coat inferior jewelry and make it shine without having to take time and expense needed to polish the pieces. Unfortunately, up to 48% of the population will become allergic to nickel in jewelry, according to a study in the British Journal of Dermatology. Protecting consumers from exposure to nickel, attention to detail and quality has enabled Simply Whispers to establish a unique position as the only US manufacturer of truly hypoallergenic fashion and fine jewelry. Other companies claim similar benefits, yet they make only certain portions-such as earring posts-with non allergy-provoking materials. Others coat nickel-covered jewelry with an extra layer of a clear, nail-polish-like varnish that inevitably wears off and causes skin irritation.

Today, the market for hypoallergenic jewelry is growing, recent growth has been attributed to multiple earring and body piercing which can cause allergic-reactions to flare up, and a more health-conscious population in the US.

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