Allergy-safe jewelry for nickel-sensitive skin
Our first line of nickel-safe hypoallergenic jewelry: stylish, lightweight earrings in stainless steel and 24kt gold electroplate


Our full line of nickel-free jewelry, including watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings in Palladium or 24kt gold electroplate


Our fine jewelry: hypoallergenic styles in nickel-free Sterling silver and 14kt Gold


Hypoallergenic earrings styled especially for single or multiple piercings in stainless steel and 24kt gold electroplate


Replace lost clasps or design your own earrings with hypoallergenic earring and necklace accessories

Hypoallergenic designs made especially for children, in smaller sizes and cute designs


An antiseptic aloe vera gel for cleaning and soothing sensitive ears
A superb daily skin care program especially formulated for sensitive skin

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