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Company Press Releases

  Simply Whispers Places Tops at Yahoo - May '99
  Nickel Tops Skin Allergy Chart in AAD Study - May '99
  Website Serves Growing Number - May '99
  Allergy-Safe Jewelry Sales Increase - May '99
  Free Allergy-Safe Earring Studs For Nickel-Allergic Patients - May '99
  Dermatologist's Tips for Summer Risks - May '99
  Roman Research Joins Dermatology Consumer Education Group - Sept. '98
  Nickel Allergies Rise in Summer - May '98
  Dangers of Body Piercing - June '98
  Summer Jewelry Offerings - May '98
  Website Launch - May '98
  American Academy of Dermatology Meeting - Oct. '98
  President's Letter to Accent Magazine - May '98

In The News

  What Kind of Earrings Are Safe? - Detroit News, May '84
  Piercing and Nickel Allergies - Milwaukee Sentinel, May '85
  The Perils of Piercing - Bioscience, Oct. '86
  Piercing Triggers Allergies - Consumer's Digest, Oct. '86
  Earrings and Nickel Allergy - Pittsburgh Press, May '98
  Ear-Piercing Causes Nickel Rash - Glamour Magazine, Dec. '88
  Hypoallergenic Jewelry - Accent Magazine, May '98

Nickel Research / Medical Endorsements

  A Health and Beauty Issue
  Complications of Ear Piercing
  Whispers Safe for Nickel-Sensitive Women
  Dermatology Study Confirms Safety of Simply Whispers
  American Academy of Dermatology News Release
  Nickel Sensitization from Ear Piercing
  Comparative Properties of Roman Research Ear Piercing Studs
  Hypoallergenic Potential of 14-karat gold vs. Surgical Stainless Steel